About me

My name is Ann. Woman Seeking Art is who and what I am. I am a ceramic artist, art lover, mother of three, and now blogger. I seek art wherever I can, as a college student taking classes at The National Gallery, throughout twenty years in the NYC area where art was seemingly everywhere I turned, and now, with my home base in the Pacific Northwest, wherever my regular travels take me.

I plan every trip, whether with my family, alone or with friends, around the art I’ll be able to see. The medium doesn’t matter so much the chance to learn and be drawn in. Painting, ceramics, sculpture, architecture, even the wallpaper in a room can light me up in ways I cannot explain (but I promise to try).

My professional career was at LIFE magazine, in editorial production, where I met some of the world’s greatest photographers, and made sure we printed their photos as faithfully as possible. I moved with my family to Seattle in 2006. I’d been a bookbinder, letterpress printer (and even an interior designer), but a first ceramics class captured me for life. The moment I touched clay I knew I was smitten. Since then I have been captivated by the world of ceramics as a student and collector. I have met artists from all over the country, who have broadened my world immensely. I learn from classes and workshops and as a recent empty nester, travel as often as I can. The cool thing about art, is that you can seek it pretty much everywhere, you just have to try.

Being a Woman Seeking Art has allowed me to connect to my surroundings in such a meaningful and fulfilling way. Whether in a grand museum, a small gallery, public art, an art fair or even on the internet, art seeking has expanded my world enormously. When I travel I take hundreds of photos so I can look at the art over and over again. Friends regularly ask me to show them things I’ve seen and think they might enjoy, but I don’t follow through as often as I’d like. The purpose of this blog is to make good on that promise, and hopefully to go beyond to share what excites me with a far broader group of people I don’t yet know. The blogs I regularly follow entertain and inspire me, but also make me feel part of a community with common tastes, and help me stay connected to things I love (in my case NYC). I hope Woman Seeking Art will provide you even the tiniest bit of that reward.