Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you, my dear readers, a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have been anxiously waiting to share my two perfect Thanksgiving art finds which I saw in person recently. One at the gorgeous Meret Oppenheim show that I saw when it opened at the Museum of Modern Art. It is an extensive and thrilling show, that I’ll be posting about soon. The other one is by one … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Fernanda Gomes in New York, NY

I first learned of Brazilian artist Fernanda Gomes (b. 1960) through an amazing series of talks I was obsessed with during the height of the pandemic. The talks were half hour lunchtime tours, in 2020 and 2021, through The Warehouse in Dallas which highlighted work within the incredible Rochofsky Collection. I attended all of them, and if I missed one, I watched the recording. You … Continue reading Fernanda Gomes in New York, NY

Ursula von Rydingsvard in New York, NY and Princeton, NJ

I always go to art shows my daughter tells me to see. Even if she can’t see them, I go and report back. They are consistently that extra notch above cool. The thing about galleries in NYC is that shows open and close at different times. Museums are easy as shows are up for a long chunk of time, but you can’t go to Chelsea … Continue reading Ursula von Rydingsvard in New York, NY and Princeton, NJ

Mona Kowalska in New York, NY

Kerry Schuss is a small gallery that always shows interesting artists. One of my favorite shows in 2021, Alice Mackler, was at the gallery. This time, I went to see Mona Kowalska’s show Mignolo. It was clever and so different than what I have been seeing lately, that it really made me smile. “Born in Warsaw, Mona Kowalska emigrated to Baltimore with her mother at … Continue reading Mona Kowalska in New York, NY

Kamrooz Aram in New York, NY

Kamrooz Aram’s show Elusive Ornament, at Peter Blum Gallery in Soho, was one stop on my long list of shows I was interested in seeing. I’m so glad I stopped by. A “quiet exhibition, beautifully composed and rigorous, in which Aram continues his interrogation of the assumed distinctions between painting and its oriental “other,” revealing that instability is in fact at the core of these … Continue reading Kamrooz Aram in New York, NY

Do Ho Suh in New York, NY

While there was lots to see by Do Ho Suh at Lehman Maupin gallery in Chelsea, including a beautiful film in the basement, I adored the installation, Jet Lag, in the back gallery. The 400 pieces were replicas of objects from his past and present. The color palette was odd, and perfect. “Each sculpture is precisely measured and modeled after a household object that has … Continue reading Do Ho Suh in New York, NY

Beatriz Milhazes in New York, NY

Beatriz Milhazes: Mistura Sagrada, at Pace Gallery in Chelsea spotlighted ten large-scale acrylic paintings created in 2021 and 2022. I often think of my good friend Carol, when seeing such vibrant paintings. I’ve been taking ceramics courses from her for about eight years, and know what she likes. I’ll be expecting her to use Milhazes’ work as inspiration in one of her upcoming Surface Design … Continue reading Beatriz Milhazes in New York, NY

Vince Palacios at Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume in New York

Vince Palacios’ show Haptic Memory is currently on view at Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume, a collective design gallery in New York City. The gallery is in a gorgeous two story apartment in The Steinway Building right on 57th Street. The building has the old NYC elegance that I personally adore. The mixture of furniture and art in the gallery, as well as amazing light, was … Continue reading Vince Palacios at Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume in New York

“Stuff” in New York, NY

After running quickly to see “Informal Get Together” at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, I walked one block south and ran into Pace Gallery to see STUFF, a group exhibition of 50 artists organized by Arlene Shechet. Below are some highlights. The groupings and display were really lovely. I adored the black and white backdrop for this show. Seeing the Sandback piece reminded me of the amazing … Continue reading “Stuff” in New York, NY

“Informal Get Together” in New York, NY

I was on a quick NYC visit getting my youngest off for his senior year of college, and walked up to Chelsea to see a show I really needed to see before it closed. I have seen so many good shows at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, and was thrilled there was a show featuring work by Jessica Stockholder and Arlene Shechet. If you read my blog, … Continue reading “Informal Get Together” in New York, NY

“Summer At Its Best” in New York, NY

There have been several good summer themed art shows in New York, but Summer At Its Best at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, was my favorite. With all my wandering around galleries in New York, I have a few that I try to stop into on every visit. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery has museum quality exhibitions, and the staff could not be nicer. I love seeing what … Continue reading “Summer At Its Best” in New York, NY