Jakob Jorgensen in New York, NY

I am back in New York City for awhile, and there are so many new and exciting shows. I was eager to see the large steel sculptures in Jakob Jorgensen: Take Root. I love sculpture from industrial material, and knew this work would be up my alley. “Take Root, a solo exhibition of monumental steel sculptures by Danish artist and designer Jakob Jørgensen (b. 1977). … Continue reading Jakob Jorgensen in New York, NY

John Shea in New York, NY

I adore the new HB381 gallery and try to never miss a show. I’ve been following John Shea’s ceramic work for years, and think this was his best show yet. I adore the shapes and color palette which looks terrific in large scale. The spray application of oil-based enamel creates layers of off- kilter colors which really appeal to me. The surfaces are dreamy. Click … Continue reading John Shea in New York, NY

Kristina Riska in New York, NY

I had seen Scandinavian artist Kristina Riska’s work many times over recent years at Hostler Burrows, as they always have gorgeous ceramic work featured among other contemporary art and furniture. It is always an excellent place to stop by. I was excited to go see Riska’s solo exhibition, Hidden, at the new HB381 location in Tribeca. It was wonderful seeing the work alone. I also … Continue reading Kristina Riska in New York, NY

Eun-Ha Paek at HB381 in New York, NY

At the height of the pandemic I immersed myself in a full time schedule of Zoom courses. I was thrilled to learn through hands-on ceramic courses, as well as art history courses and lectures. I was in my home studio, thrilled to be soaking up anything and everything interesting I could learn. One course at Greenwich House Pottery in New York City was called Alternative … Continue reading Eun-Ha Paek at HB381 in New York, NY