Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you, my dear readers, a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have been anxiously waiting to share my two perfect Thanksgiving art finds which I saw in person recently. One at the gorgeous Meret Oppenheim show that I saw when it opened at the Museum of Modern Art. It is an extensive and thrilling show, that I’ll be posting about soon. The other one is by one … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Alex Katz at the Guggenheim in New York,NY

Alex Katz: Gathering, a retrospective at the Guggenheim, is the first retrospective of his work since the Whitney’s in 1986. I have always liked Alex Katz. I love his devotion to his wife Ada, who he has painted well over 200 times. At 95 Katz is still painting. I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night before I went to … Continue reading Alex Katz at the Guggenheim in New York,NY