UNTITLED, ART in Miami Beach, FL

UNTITLED, ART is one of many art fairs that are part of Art Basel Miami. The show is set up in a temporary tent, which is more like a building, right on the beach in Miami Beach. UNTITLED features 126 exhibitions and, in 2018, had 48,000 visitors.

Art Basel Disclaimer: I’m showing you some of my favorite pieces from the shows I’m seeing this year, and unfortunately can’t show you everything. I might not have all the information on the artist to share as these shows take hours to see, and I try to see it all. I’ll definitely work on my notetaking and photo skills. If you have information I’ve missed, or see mistakes, please message me directly.

Summer Wheat (b. 1977 ) Scrubbing Turtle IV, 2019. Acrylic on aluminum mesh. 68 x 47 in.
Shulamit Nazarian (Los Angeles)

Here is a detail showing the effect of reverse painting. The artist pushes the paint through the back of a mesh that she uses as her canvas, The deeper parts get done first. She paints in reverse. There will be a solo show at the Kemper Museum in Kansas City in February 2020. I was there the first day, and the artist was talking about her work, and just lovely. All of her paintings had already sold by the time I got there.

Tony Marsh, front piece: Double Crucible #27, 2019
29” x 36” x 26” (ceramic ) on a kiln shelf
lara reynolds gallery (Austin, TX)

Tony Marsh, Crucible #28, 2019
19” x 12” x 12 1/4 in.

A few more closeups as they are so beautiful. Honestly my photos do not do them justice.

Taylor Barnes, Soul Glaze, 2019
Charcoal and stitched cloth, 12.5 “ x 11.25 in
Iris Helena, Public Notes, #3 from the Reminders series 2019. Photograph printed by inkjet on post its. Edition 1/3 + 2 AP. 82.67 “ x 116.92 in
Jacob Hashimoto, Untitled, 2019. Mixed Media. 54 x 48 x 8 1/4 in.
Jean-Pierre Roy, The Bridge, 2019
Oil on panel, 35” x 30 in.
Davidson Gallery, New York

Dick Jay (b. 1930) lives and works on Plantation Island and this is one piece from three large walls of his paintings.

En Iwamura. Ceramic artist, who is now also casting in bronze. He recently moved back to Japan after five years in the United States. There must have been 40 plus pieces in a large corner booth, and most were sold by the time I got there.

I introduced myself to En, as we have mutual friends, and he could not have been lovelier. This was the photo I took for my friends.

Johan de Wit, Untitled, 2019. Paper, resins, acrylic. Left: 20 x 20 x 93 cm
Right: 20 x 20 x 81 cm
Kristof De Clercq Gallery (Ghent, Belgium)

I really fell for this artist’s work last year, and still regret not buying one of his wall pillows that was in the most perfect nude color. Of course there are none remaining in the color I want, and the artist has moved on to other shapes, but I was thrilled to see his work again.

Evan Nesbit, Model Painting, 2019
Acrylic, dye, and ink on burlap
32” x 26 in

Here is a detail of the piece. This artist works in reverse, and he pushes the paint from the back of his burlap canvas. The chunkiest pieces being pushed through first and the smoothest last. I had to come to Miami to be introduced to a new artist from one my favorite Seattle galleries, James Harris Gallery.

Jonathan Chapline (b. 1987)
Collage and photoshop
Eugenio Espinoza. Acrylic on canvas.. A Venezualian artist iero Atchugarry Gallery, Booth A 37 Locations in both Miami and Uruguay.
Keita Miyazaki shown with rosenfeld porcini gallery.

Origami at it’s finest, with welded car engine parts. This is a small piece, others are much larger.

Jorge Eielson, Disco Terrestre, 1997

These pieces are from a gallery in Berlin. The paintings were nice, but what I really liked was that they made a limited edition set of double sided silk scarves that match the paintings. The large scarves matched the painting exactly in size. The process they described to me was fascinating.

Joan Brown, Model with Table Bottom, 1973. Mixed media. 28 1/2 “ x 45 in.

Closets (tiny rooms off the main gallery at these shows) are the best places to find some real gems. This piece was in Anglim Gilbert Gallery’s closet.

Faig Ahmed (Azerbaijan), Speech of Birds, 2016
Handmade wool and silk carpet
Rachel Owens, Museum of the Cave of the Anthropocene

I had such a great time talking with the artist, Rachel Owens about her process, as I’m a real fan of resin looking objects. These top pieces are cast with marble dust and resin. She casts in rubber molds that she makes.

This piece was cast with glass dust, and resin. The black part coal dust and resin.

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