Scope Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL

Scope Miami Beach is another fair that makes its home in a tent, right on the beach. Scope has 134 exhibitors, and is in its 19th year. Last year they saw 60,000 visitors. The artwork I was drawn to at Scope happened to all include some sort of cool process or the repurposing of materials. I really enjoyed learning about the artists and their processes, whether from the gallery owners, employees, or the artists themselves.

The entrance to the tent.
Elisabeth Lecourt, Map of the Paris Monument
34 “ x 24 in.

I particularly liked an installation of six map-based pieces of clothing, dresses and collared shirts, framed in plexiglass boxes, by Elisabeth Lecourt. The map dress of Paris was my favorite. Her folding skills are stellar. Lecourt’s work is at Kahn Gallery, based in London.

Every piece has a clothing label with her name.
The Sewing Machine, Ulla-Stina Wikander, 2018
needlepoint embroidery, vintage object
13” x 4” x 16 in.

The show featured a myriad of objects covered in repurposed needlepoint. Wikander’s Sewing Machine is at Paradigm Gallery + Studio, based in Philadelphia.

David Holler, Queen Elizabeth II, 2019
Hand typed on paper and vintage typewriter
19” x 11 in. (Without typewriter)

The image above is composed using the actual text of Queen Elizabeth’s speech, given on her 21st birthday in Cape Town, South Africa, April 21, 1947. New Apostle Gallery is in NYC and Stroud, England.

Woodblock print in the Ukiyo-e traditional style. 96 colors. Took 6 months to finish.

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese traditional woodblock print. It is a technique unique to Japan. According to the UKIYO-E PROJECT who brought this work, there are only 30 remaining Ukiyo-e printers in Japan, and 9 traditional woodblock carvers. They told me that some woodblocks can possibly be used up to 200 times. I read up on Ukiyo-e after seeing these pieces, and if you want more information it is easy to find on the internet.

Didier Engels, DRY DOCK
Print on paper encased in five layers of resin

Had such a nice talk about process with this self-taught Belgian artist that I forgot to get the size information. The images are huge. After a 30 year career as a textile stylist and interior designer, Didier Engels, switched to photography. He manipulates and layers his photographs with photoshop and then covers the print in five layers of resin. The colors become more brilliant. He is newly using what he refers to as the “American box”, a black shadow box style frame, which really finishes the pieces off nicely. My brother wants one of these pieces.

Katherine B. Young, Peanuts Forever, 2019
Polystyrene, 23 Kt Gold
13” x 4” x 4 in.

If you are looking for something to do with your packing peanuts, I have found it! Katherine B. Young hand leafs each piece, which are all found objects. There were leafed plastic water bottles on display too. I was told by the gallery person that this is a woman who has done it all, and he wasn’t kidding. She was a successful reconstructive surgeon who left her practice to raise a family and pursue an MFA. She does amazing graphite on paper drawings. At first, I didn’t want to like her, as she is so absurdly accomplished and exactly my age, but she is supposed to be super fantastic as well. I kind of want to be her friend.

MC Marquis, It Wasn’t That Good
Vintage plate with new lettering (my guess is decal lettering)
MC Marquis, No Regrets
Embroidery over repurposed needlepoint
Jules Arthur, Congo Rowing Club, 2019
72” x 57 in. wood and bronze
Detail of bronze figures.

Meijler Art is based in Tel Aviv. I know more than a few people who might need this piece.

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