Carol Gouthro in Bellevue, WA

Carol Gouthro is a Seattle-based, Canadian-American ceramic artist and educator, whose work is presently featured in the Forum at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Carol creates her own fantastical world, which features extraordinary species from her own imagination. Each piece comes with its own pseudo-scientific name. Writes Gouthro, “After many years of closely observing and collecting plants and constructing vessel forms that transformed into plant forms, I began inventing my own hybrid flower/animal species using botanical nomenclature as my departure point.” (Carol Gouthro, Gallery IMA). The exhibit, which has been on display since July 2018, will be up at least through Winter 2020.

Carol Gouthro, Works from 2010-2018
Portal #2 Anthozoa Enticement, 2010
Handbuilt terracotta, underglazes, glazes, luster, 27″ x 16″ x 10 in
Portal #2 Anthozoa Enticement (detail)
Effleurescence gouthroii, 2018 (left) and Aurlia gouthroii Erodium, 2016 (center)
Anthozoa gouthroii Viridus (left), Anthozoa gouthroii Chromatello (center) and Aurlia gouthroii Blastula (right)
Anthozoa gouthroii Viridis, 2012
Handbuilt terracotta, underglazes, glazes, 7″ x 13″ x 7 in
Aurlia gouthroii Blastula, 2012 (detail)
Handbuilt terracotta, underglazes, glazes, luster, 8″ x 14″ x 9 in

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