February Links

Beverly Pepper in 2012. Photo © Beverly Pepper, courtesy of Marlborough Contemporary, New York and London.
  • Judy Chicago and Jane Fonda, in their eighties and these ladies are still inspiring.
  • This British podcast, in it’s fourth season, is fantastic. Scroll through and pick your favorite episodes to listen to until you catch up. I have my favorites, let me know what yours are.
  • I’ve been enjoying Daniele Barresi’s carvings for years, and figured everyone had seen his work. But if not, Google him and take a look at his most recent pieces.
  • What a bold career Beverly Pepper had. I was sorry to hear she died.
  • I’ve been wanting to visit the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse on one of my visits to my son in Ithaca. I’m going to hold off a bit though, so I can use one of the fabulous ceramic pieces from Louise Rosenfeld’s donated collection in the I.M. Pei cafe. The 3,000 pieces were donated with some cool stipulations.
  • I apparently have a British thing, (and lucky for you my blog doesn’t cover crime drama), but trust me you don’t have to be a potter to love this show. Now in season three, after a frustratingly long hiatus, you can watch all the episodes/seasons on YouTube. I’m a few episodes behind, but will catch up before the season finale.
  • I wish I could have helped agnes b. back in the 80s, but I couldn’t afford any of the clothes at her then cool Soho, New York store. I sure like how she is sharing her success these days.