April Links

Donald Judd, 15 Untitled Works in Concrete, 1980-1984
Marfa, Texas
Photo from Chinati.org
  • I have only seen one of these land art works, Donald Judd’s 15 Untitled Works in Concrete. I want to see the others.
  • I need to start sending more letters so I can use these Ruth Asawa stamps, a great way to help support the U.S. Postal Service.
  • It is no secret that I love Judy Chicago and her work. These color smoke pieces, which she started doing in 1968, are beautiful. Isn’t she just great?
  • I love process videos, and can watch this one from 1963 over and over again. The flocked printing part is my favorite, but it is all excellent.
  • For you jigsaw puzzlers, watch here and see how they are made.
  • I follow art critic Jerry Saltz, and thought this article was a worthwhile read.
  • Reality sunk in, but I was impressed with Swiss art dealer Dominique Levy’s clear and intelligent responses in this video interview about the future of art fairs and galleries.
  • Has everyone already seen this?

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