Vicarious gallery visits, New York, NY, visit #2

Last month my friend Sharyn shared some of her gallery visits with us. This month we get to see a pop-up exhibition, Six Recent Paintings: Joseph Holtzman, that my daughter Theodora went to see last week in Manhattan. I can always count on her to show me something cool.

“Parker Gallery is proud to present its first solo exhibition with New York-based artist Joseph Holtzman. This special off-site presentation in New York’s Upper East Side – the artist’s first on the East Coast – will feature lush new paintings on marble installed in the original location of the Nest offices, the idiosyncratic and highly revered design magazine founded and operation by Holtzman from 1997 to 2004.” (Parker Gallery)

Here is a nice article that offers more information on the show, and explains why Holtzman paints on marble. Holtzman’s Nest magazine was an extraordinary project that excited me with every issue. In case you weren’t aware of Nest, and even if you were, this history and interview is well worth your time.

“As with his previous installation at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the works will be displayed in a total environment fastidiously designed by the artist, providing a deeply intimate, layered backdrop for his striking compositions in oil.” (Parker Gallery)

Close up of an oil painting on marble

The exhibition is expected to be on view, by appointment through December 20, 2020. It coincides with the release of a new book, “The Best of Nest” (Phaidon) which is edited by Todd Oldham.

Thank you Theodora for telling me about this exhibit, and for the photos. I cannot wait until we can look at art together in person again, let alone see each other!

3 thoughts on “Vicarious gallery visits, New York, NY, visit #2

  1. That is so cool. Love how the environment makes you look at the images a little more intently. It challenges the white box theory.

  2. I was such a fan of that magazine, thanks to you. I recognize the marijuana wallpaper in the installation. It was available as fabric too. I’ll have to see this before it leaves.

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