Butter dishes!

In September I got to participate in a Zoom call (through the Archie Bray Foundation annual auction) with legendary ceramic artist and educator John Gill. In the midst of his paper cutting demonstration, for which he is notorious among his students at Alfred University, John asked his assistant to bring out a butter dish from the basement. He used it to further explain the importance of thinking about the mold line in mold making.

I don’t own a covered butter dish, but if could have one covered butter dish in this life, this would be the one. Its lid can be placed in either direction and it is perfectly flamboyant and fabulous. I took some screen shots, as I cannot look at this enough.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from John Gill’s work, I have always liked the Russel Wright covered buttered dish. The Everson Museum of Art has a beautiful one in their collection. Russel Wright had the best color palette, and this chartreuse version is also great.

Russel Wright, Iroquois ‘Casual China’ Covered Butter Dish, 1946

In July I purchased my first butter dish (below), this one without a cover, by artist Sue Tirrell.

Sue Tirrell
purchased at Red Lodge Clay Center

Since everyone is surely going to miss setting their Thanksgiving tables tonight (my favorite part of the holiday dinner prep), I thought I’d share some butter dishes I discovered, while looking at various galleries. Butter dishes don’t need to be just for the holidays!

Mark Arnold
Mike Helke
Lynne Hobaica and Rickie Barnett
Doug Casebeer
Lisa Orr
Martha Grover

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