Salt Cellars!

I never thought about salt cellars until last holiday season, when my friend told me they were great gifts to give. Last year I gave several by Julia Galloway and the recipients were all quite delighted. These little cellars are that special sort of item that you wouldn’t necessarily think you needed, but you will enjoy giving as a gift, or will end up loving for yourself.

Sandy Simon
Adrian Arleo
Robert Brady
Robert Brady
Julia Galloway

Around eight salt cellars by Julia Galloway will be available on Cyber Monday at Radius Gallery. These have the most beautiful pillowy lids.

Steven Godfrey
Steven Godfrey

I am not a bird person, but I think Steven Godfrey’s bird salt dishes are really quite wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Salt Cellars!

  1. These are fabulous! I have an Adrian Arleo one too (that I use as a ring holder) and about 5 Julia Galloways…for specialty salts and then I also use one for hair ties in my bathroom. Those pillowy lids have a rattle in them that she says are their unique “voice.” Julia always thinks of the little things to make you fall into deeper levels of love with your pieces. They also often have narrative designs that go all the way around, or extend into the bottom…it keeps you in the mode of curiosity and discovery.

    I don’t have a Godfrey salt cup, but I have a couple of lidded pots with Dodo birds. He sculpts a delightful Dodo!

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