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I really missed going to the art shows in Miami this past December. While I’ve spent hours on end looking at the shows on line, it is just not the same for me. I miss seeing the art in person, the thrill of discovery, people watching, and walking around shows from morning to night days on end until my feet ache.

Design Miami always has stellar galleries, and the most gorgeous booths. One of the few shows to still be live, albeit smaller than in past years, they had a fantastic virtual interactive set up for those of us at home. I was intrigued by Adam Silverman’s Common Ground project. I follow and generally like his work, and thought the project was cool.

Photo: Kris Tamburello

“In the extraordinarily charged atmosphere of this moment, Adam Silverman is proposing what might nowadays sound radical: reconciliation. America(s) will feature the in-progress debut of Silverman’s Common Ground, a project for which he has assembled, with the aid of volunteers, clay, ash, and water from each of the 56 US states and territories. The materials are being combined into a single clay from which the Los Angeles-based artist is making ceramic vessels and dinnerware that will be distributed back to each state and territory. The former will be donated to public institutions, while the latter will help host a series of dinners at which people of different backgrounds and persuasions might productively engage each other.” (Brent Lewis)

Clay from all 56 U.S. states and territories. Photo by Erik Benjamins

You can follow the progress along with me through his website, or on instagram. Yesterday I saw that Silverman has finished the collecting process as shown in the image above.

Here is a nice interview with Adam Silverman.

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  1. What a creative, fascinating and inspiring project! A brilliant idea in pursuit of the wonderful skill of conversation/listening and finding commonality over a delicious meal. Thank you Ann!

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