Ania Hobson

What rock have I been under? How did I not know about Ania Hobson? Today I listened to a fun interview on Radio Juxtapoz with British painter Ania Hobson (b. 1990). Her career has taken off internationally since winning the National Portrait Gallery’s Young Artist Award at the BP Portrait Awards in 2018.

The painting below, A Portrait of Two Female Painters, won her the award.

A Portrait of Two Female Painters, 2018
63” x 47.2 in
Oil on Canvas

Listen to the interview and see more of her paintings below, here and on her website. Some of Hobson’s work reminds me a bit of Alice Neel, whose work, by the way, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is presenting in a retrospective that opens March 22nd. Fingers crossed that I will be able to travel and get to see it in person. I pre-ordered the exhibition book today.

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