Candles I will never light!

As I am beginning to get out in the world again, I have been thinking back on what I have learned during the pandemic and all the wonderful artists, and their work, that I’ve been introduced to. I took a fantastic Alternative Materials course with Eun-Ha Paek last winter through Greenwich House, the same place that I took courses from Derek Weisberg. I loved it, and will forever be a fan of Eun-Ha. She is super cool, talented and kind.

You might have read this post from this past April where I talk about Eun-Ha.

Eun-Ha currently has a show in Los Angeles at one of my favorite galleries, Hostler Burrows. I’m still hoping to get there to see it in person. The exhibition runs until the end of August.

Eun-Ha Paek candle

When I was in New York two weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to the candles at the Zero Maria Cornejo store on Bleeker. I always like to stop in when I’m in town. They made me think about a candle I purchased last December by Eun-Ha Paek (above), and some other candles that I live with.

Rani Ban candle

My daughter gifted me this gorgeous beeswax candle by her longtime friend Rani Ban. Take a look at Rani’s website to see all the other great art she is producing.

Lauren Grossman candles

I have been buying Lauren Grossman’s candles for more years than I can remember. I have a stash of the colors I love, as they are great gifts to have on hand. You can purchase these gorgeous taper candlesticks at Vetri. They come in a variety of colors, and you can buy female, male and hermaphrodite versions.

Keetja Allard candles at Zero Maria Cornejo
Keetja Allard candles at Zero Maria Cornejo
Keetja Allard candles at Zero Maria Cornejo

Aren’t these candles fabulous? I might have to get some the next time I’m in town to add to my candle collection. They are all so good I don’t know how I’d decide.

I’ll never light any of these candles as I like them too much.

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