Portraits from the Kunin Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in Minneapolis, MN

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is vast, as I mentioned in a blog post earlier this month. My husband returned home from the wedding we attended in Minneapolis with a breakthrough case of COVID. Thankfully, all is well now, and I’m trying to do a bit of catch up.

Next up is my favorite room at the museum, Portraits from the Kunin Collection. Frankly, it is one of my favorite rooms in any museum. I love portraits, and have stacks of flea market finds against the wall of my two grown son’s shared, childhood attic bedroom (alongside a similarly large vintage paint-by-numbers collection). I had never heard the name Myron Kunin before, but wow. We all need to know about this man, who Minneapolis was so fortunate to have as such a patron of the arts.

I’ll let the portraits speak for themselves. Suffice to say, there is something extraordinarily powerful about seeing such an incredible and focused set of works, all in one room, presented in the way the MIA has chosen to do it. If you do go to Minneapolis, you simply must go to the portrait room.

Elmer Bischoff, Self Portrait, 1955
Oil on canvas
Milton Avery, Artist’s Wife, 1945
Oil on canvas
Leland Bell, Temma in Orange Dress, 1975
Oil on canvas
Alice Neel, Young Woman, 1946
Oil on canvas
Andrew Wyeth, Christina Olson, 1947
Tempera on panel
Alice Neel, Christy White, 1958
Oil on canvas

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  1. Kudos for a fine exhibit of 20th Century Portraiture.I especially appreciated the portraits of Alice Neel and Stuart Davis.

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