Beauford Delaney in New York, NY

I saw such amazing art on my last trip to New York, that I came home and was sort of frozen by the volume, and the challenge of finding time to share is all with you. As I get ready to head back to New York, I’m going to try to sprint and do a bit of catch up.

Antonio Correa (aka Portrait of a Young Man), c. 1968
Oil and graphite on canvas

Be Your Wonderful Self: The Portraits of Beauford Delaney is one of the best portrait shows I’ve seen. The exhibition is at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in Chelsea.

After I saw the show I read this great review in the New York Times by Roberta Smith.

James Baldwin, c. 1945-50
Oil on canvas board
Edna Porter, 1943
Oil on canvas
Presence (Irene Rose), 1964
Oil on fiberboard
Ahmed Bioud, 1968
Oil on canvas
James Baldwin, 1967
Oil on canvas

The Beauford Delaney show runs through December 23, 2021. If you are in NYC, you really must go. I’m definitely going back.

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