Gedi Sibony in New York, NY

The other day I went to a gallery called Mister Fahrenheit. I hadn’t heard of the artist, but liked the gallery name, and the directions to the gallery said “enter at the green horse walk gate.” I had to go!

I got buzzed in, and a beautiful woman stepped out of the glass building just past the entry. She told me to go around the back.

I walked down the stairs and there was a tiny gallery space. Perfect, just like the rest of this slice of paradise in the middle of New York City.

I am a sucker for a floor to ceiling curtain that puddles at the floor.

“Mister Fahrenheit is pleased to present Choir As It’s Kept, a solo show by Gedi Sibony. Transforming the gallery through a cast of fastidiously staged objects and subtle interventions, Sibony presents new sculpture and painting as devices for deepening space, and experiences of it.” (Mr. Fahrenheit)

Its Power to be Infinitely, 2022
Stage curtain, steel track
144” x 312” x 96 in.
Rung Orbits, 2021
Oil and latex on stretched oil painting
17.5” x 21. 5 in.
Lyra Vega and the Swan, 2019/2022
Wood, paint, nails, screws, glue
82” x 27. 25” x 26. 5 in.

Speculative Superfluity, 2022
0.5” x 5.5 “ x 31 in.

“Established in the West Village of New York in 2019, Mister Fahrenheit is an independent project space for contemporary artists and curators. The program is devoted to realizing cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations outside of traditional gallery and institutional contexts.” (Mr. Fahrenheit)

The exhibition is up through June 22, 2022. I can’t wait to see what they do with the space next.

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