IFPDA Print Fair 2022 in New York, NY

It was a first for me to go the to IFPDA Print Fair at the Javits Center. The windows in the upper level space made for a beautiful venue, albeit hard to photograph as it was a wonderful bright sunny day.

There were 76 in-person exhibitors at this art fair dedicated to prints and printmaking from new editions to old masters. I am showing you my favorites.

Howard N. Cook, Canyons, New York, 1928
Top image:
Otto Mueller, 1921
Color lithograph

Bottom image:
Wilhelm Morgner, 1913
Ann Hamilton, Pages, 2017
Unique cloth and word collage on book end paper
Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Monsanto Weyl
Eric Fischl, Floating Islands, 1985
5 aquatint, sugar lift, dry point and scrapings
Peter Blum
Huma Bhabha, Untitled, 2010
Woodcut over lithograph on Somerset paper
Peter Blum
Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Idylls – The Brite Spot / Panguitch Lake /
West Tropicana, 2007
Durham Press
Chitra Ganesh, The Wolf Watcher’s Dream, 2022
Hand painting, monotype, screen print, gold leaf, embroidery
Durham Press
Jonas Wood, Kitchen Interior, 2022
112 color silkscreen on Rising Museum Board
Josef Albers, Tlaloc, 1944
Woodcut on Japanese paper
Brooke Alexander

Alex Katz was everywhere, which was no surprise with the Alex Katz exhibition at the Guggenheim. The one below was my favorite from the print fair. I’ll share my favorites from the Guggenheim show soon.

Alex Katz, Black Cap (Ada), 2010
Woodcut on Somerset Paper
Peter Blum

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