Do Ho Suh in New York, NY

While there was lots to see by Do Ho Suh at Lehman Maupin gallery in Chelsea, including a beautiful film in the basement, I adored the installation, Jet Lag, in the back gallery. The 400 pieces were replicas of objects from his past and present. The color palette was odd, and perfect.

Jet Lag, 2022
Polyester fabric, stainless steel
130.64” x 412.57 in

“Each sculpture is precisely measured and modeled after a household object that has been habitually touched by the artist—those with which we often have a deep and unquestioning familiarity. While Suh’s Specimen are typically exhibited in groupings based on type or location, in this exhibition the artist brings together more than 400 objects to create a new installation, titled Jet Lag (2022). Uniting multiple geographies and different phases of his life in a single work, Suh collapses physical coordinates and linear time, presenting each Specimen as part of the sum of a lifetime’s domestic memory and opening up the possibility of space as transportable.” (Lehman Maupin)

Aren’t these objects awesome? I got home and had to read more about the work, and the artist. Watch this Art21 short video. He is so cool.

Unbeknownst to me, this was the same artist who did one of my favorite pieces at the Seattle Art Museum. I had not made the connection. Here is a photo of Some/One, which is comprised of one hundred thousand stainless steel dog tags. It is a 9 foot tall structure resembling a ceremonial robe. It’s really quite beautiful. I know I have several images in my thousands of photos, but I’ll never get through the art I want to share if I go down that road of searching.

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