Kristina Riska in New York, NY

I had seen Scandinavian artist Kristina Riska’s work many times over recent years at Hostler Burrows, as they always have gorgeous ceramic work featured among other contemporary art and furniture. It is always an excellent place to stop by. I was excited to go see Riska’s solo exhibition, Hidden, at the new HB381 location in Tribeca. It was wonderful seeing the work alone. I also enjoyed being back in the gallery space after the most recent Eun-Ha Paek exhibition.

“This new group of large scale hand-built stoneware sculptures—arresting in their technical mastery—marks an important departure for the artist in her approach to color and form. There is a palpable serenity in her work—an energy that emanates from the undulating, fluid curves—at once fragile and full of power. She says of Hidden, “We all carry a certain private spot inside of us, a hidden place. Our thoughts, our history, our desire, who we really are: a source of life, maybe it is the soul. In this restless and relentless world, maybe more than ever, I feel the importance of finding the peace of mind to be able to survive. Working is the hidden place for me.” (HB381)

Riska’s hand coiled work is quite large. The textures are beautiful. I really enjoyed looking inside the pieces as well.

The exhibition runs through January 7, 2023. I am thrilled to have this new gallery in Tribeca!

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