Marsden Hartley in Seattle, WA

Along with the opening of the spectacular Katherine Bradford show, there is a small Marsden Hartley exhibition that opens today as well, Marsden Hartley: An American Nature Who doesn’t like Marsden Hartley?

After the Storm, Vinalhaven, 1938-39
Oil on Academy board

“Marsden Hartley’s emotive paintings celebrate the grandeur and nuances of nature as expressions of American culture. Hartley (1877–1943) spent much of his career restlessly traveling around North America and Europe. In 1937, he finally settled in his home state of Maine and, in response to the Depression-era cultural and commercial desire for all things homegrown, declared himself an American Regionalist, “the painter from Maine.” Hartley sought to define culture in nature, representing—and in the process constructing—new settler colonial myths of the American landscape. “ (Frye Art Museum)

Cherimoyas, 1932
Oil on Masonite
Nova Scotia Woman Churning, 1938-39
Oil on board
West Brooksville, Maine, 1939
Oil on board
Storm Wave, ca. 1938
Oil on panel

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