My Way: A Gathering in New York, NY

I was really quite taken with My Way: A Gathering, a group exhibition at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in Tribeca. I have some friends who are quilt makers and really appreciate the art form. You can read about the show here.

Mary Jane Pettway, Sweep, 1980
Assorted fabrics, mostly cotton
86” x 77 in
Mattie Ross, Sampler (from Freedom Quilting Bee), c. Early 1970’s
Assorted fabrics, mostly cotton
89” x 54 in
Sarah Young, Housetop, c. Late 1970s
Corduroy and cotton
81” x 75 in
Delia Bennett, Bricklayer, c. 1967
80” x 74 in
Rachel Eulena William, Fall Scrap Flag, 2022
Acrylic on canvas, dye canvas and polyester
68” x 73 in
Susie Mae Ponds, Crazy Quilt, c. 1974-75
Cotton and Polyester
73” x 63 in
Maren Hassinger, Fringe, 2015
Twisted and knotted New York Times
16” x 180” x 3 in

I loved this fringe, and now wish I also received the paper version, not just the digital version, of the New York Times!

Tau Lewis, look how long I’ve been crying to get to you!, 2018
Hand sewn recycled fabrics, furs and leathers
Approx. 124” x 65 in

If you haven’t heard of Tau Lewis, read this past blog post.

Faith Ringgold
Left: Windows of the Wedding #14: Fathers, 1975
Acrylic on canvas
83 1/2” x 36 1/4 in

Right: Windows of the Wedding #6: Patience and Understanding, 1974
Acrylic on canvas
80” x 35 1/2 in

It is always a treat to see Faith Ringgold’s work. I loved her show at the New Museum, and if you missed it, you can read the blog post here.

I have some beautiful quilts, that were my grandmothers, in storage bins in my attic. I probably should put them out into the world for someone to enjoy.

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