Ren Ri in New York, NY

My sons have exciting life event celebrations in the next few months (two graduations and a wedding!), so I have been shopping a bit for something to wear to these happy occasions. I am not a shopper and much prefer looking at art, but I do like to look cool. Since all the galleries are closed on Monday, I spent a little time today out and about at clothing stores.

I took the subway out to Williamsburg in Brooklyn to a great store called Hotoveli. It is a beautiful by appointment only store, has everything I love, but nothing currently perfect for a wedding. At least not for the mother of the groom. The nice sales guy said I should check out Simone Rocha, which I did on the way home. I had never been in the store, and it is really wonderful. The clothes were a bit over the top and young looking, and I’m very cautious to not embarrass my children. The displays in the store are spectacular, and I fell hard for an installation by Ren Ri.

The boxes are made out of Perspex (acrylic) and the artist, who is also a beekeeper, lets his colony of bees create the natural beeswax work inside. He moves the boxes around every seven days or so to manipulate the forms. You can read more about Ri’s work here. Below are a bunch of photos I took from different angles.

In the dressing room there was this cool paper chair that was fully functional. I don’t know the artist’s name, but I’ll go by and ask. If anyone is in Taiwan or London, please stop in a Simone Rocha store to see more of Ren Ri’s installations. The lovely sales woman said all the stores have Ren Ri’s work. I absolutely adore his work.

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