Kathy Butterly in New York, NY

I’ve seen a lot of really great art in New York City the past month or so. I’ll start out with my favorite exhibition that I saw this past week. You all know that I’m a huge Kathy Butterly fan. I’ve been following her work back to the time when I should have, could have, bought a piece yet didn’t, as I was raising three kids. I wouldn’t trade them for a Butterly, but I am super envious of Elizabeth Harvey Levine’s private collection.

Kathy Butterly: A beloved collection (1994-2022) at the James Cohan gallery has 37 porcelain, earthenware, glaze pieces on display in the intimate back room of their gallery space in Tribeca. The first day I was mostly alone, and got to take time with each piece. The next morning I went to a brunch where the collector, Butterly, and a nice group of admirers gathered. My husband has been to a lot of Butterly shows, and I definitely got bonus points for taking him to a Butterly brunch.

Eddy’s Skirt, 1994
Knit Cap, 1994
Moss, 1995
Nancy’s Beans, 1996
Catch, 1997
Float 2, 1999
Ready, 2001
Hat Trick 2003
Real Estate, 2005
Top Heavy, 2007
Glow, 2010
Jelly Maker, 2012
New Space Place, 2018

I was fortunate to see another beautiful group of Butterly’s new sculptures at ADAA: The Art Show. Both shows were perfectly displayed. I definitely got my Kathy Butterly fix.

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