The Whitney Biennial in New York, NY

I’ve been going to the Whitney Biennial for as long as I can remember, and enjoyed my time there on Sunday. It’s always interesting in some way and I’m never sure what to expect. The Biennial began as an annual exhibition in 1932, and as a biennial in 1973. Originally an exhibition of work by young and lesser known artists, it has evolved over time. … Continue reading The Whitney Biennial in New York, NY

Radius Gallery in Missoula, MT

One of my favorite parts of being involved in the clay and art community is meeting people from all over the country and world, thanks to the Internet. After moving to Seattle from the East Coast in 2006, I’ve been able to explore parts of the country that I frankly had never thought about. I’ve learned that Montana is a hotbed of ceramic artists. I have taken workshops from a range of Montana artists, and on whole have found them… Continue reading Radius Gallery in Missoula, MT

Aqua Art Miami in Miami Beach, FL

Aqua Art Miami, takes place in a classic South Beach Miami two story motel. The furniture is all removed and each gallery takes over a room. I look forward to going every year but was disappointed this year as some of my favorite galleries from years past were not there, and the work in general wasn’t very appealing to me. Aqua features 47 exhibitions… Continue reading Aqua Art Miami in Miami Beach, FL