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Art Miami and Context Art Miami are in two adjacent tents located in Miami, FL. They are easy to get to from South Beach, but you have to take into account traffic. It took me an hour to get there, and 12 minutes to get back to my hotel. I went preview night and purposely went to Art Miami first, and to Context with an hour to spare. Art Miami was super, and being preview night the people watching was spectacular. In Miami people know how to dress to stand out. It was fun feeling like a bit of a regular, with familiar galleries, and gallery locations the same as years past.

The art and vibe at the two fairs are quite different from each other, even though you can walk from one tent to the next. I vastly prefer Art Miami, and didn’t take a single photo from Context.

Art Miami has 177 exhibitions and is in its 30th year. Context Art Miami has 94 exhibitions and is in its 8th year. Last year 84,000 people visited.

Get some coffee, or a cocktail, this is a long post.

Jason Martin, Blue Monday, 2019
Cork and pure pigment, 94.49” x 118.11” x 118.11 in
Frederico Uribe, Congress, 2019
Bullet shells, 72 “ x 60” x 60 in
Adelson Gallery
Federico Uribe, Big Bang, 2019
Bullet shells, 48 “ x 48 “ x 24 in
Dirk Staschke, Flux #8, 2018
Ceramic, 32” x 24” x 4 in
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Dirk Staschke, Vanitas Vase 7, 2019
Ceramic, 22 “ x 11” x 11 in

I vividly remember seeing Dirk Staschke’s work in person for the first time in 2016. It was one of the framed paintings (everything is ceramic, including the frame). As a ceramic student myself I was in awe. Staschke says: “I’ve long taken inspiration from the Dutch/Flemish tradition of Vanitas still life painting in which the notion of futility is key. I look to translate that futility into an artistic gesture by rendering what is representational and static in the fluid medium of glaze, knowing that what is painstakingly depicted will change beyond my control once fired. My process captures a fleeting moment reminiscent of the temporal nature of life.”

Marc Chagall, Pastoral painter on a green background, 1981
Gouache, pastel, colored chalks and tempura. Sheet: 30” x 22 1/4 in
Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art

I’m showing an image of this Marc Chagall piece, because who doesn’t like Chagall and I really liked this one. The large booth is situated in one of the prime entrances to the fair, and it was full of admirers. I have followed Jonathan’s gallery for years and years, not just in Miami, as my brother and sister-in-law buy a lot from him. “Gallery inventory includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, and prints by established artists from significant Post-War movements including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, Minimalism, Pop Art and Photorealism.” Look at his website and see for yourself.

Viola Frey, Grandmother Bricolage with Buddha and Monkey, 2003
ceramic, 48” x 40” x 19 in
Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York

Thought all of you new Viola Frey fans would be as excited to see her work at Art Miami as I was.

Andy Burgess, Sotogrande House at Dusk, 2019
Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 72 in
The Cynthia Corbett Gallery
Andy Burgess, Wexler Steel House with Zig Zag Roof IV, 2019
Acrylic on Canvas, Framed: 26” x 32 in.
Niki de Saint Phalle, Nana on an Elephant, 1979
Acrylic and chalk on plaster, 5” x 7.5” x 3 in.
10 copies
Gallerie von Vertes, Zurich, Switzerland
Boris Shpeizman, Rise of the Lillipop Man, 2019
glass/brass, 80” x 40” x 51.5 in
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, courtesy of Echt Gallery, Chicago
John Chamberlain, Paradiddledashboard, 2007
Paint on chrome-plated steel, 60” x 61” x 58 in
Shacky Art & Advisory
Ai Weiwei, Profile of Marcel Duchamp, 1985
Wire hanger, mounted on board framed by artist, 26” x 26 in
Ethan Cohen Gallery
Jean Dubuffet, Sequence V, 1979
Collage and acrylic on paper, 13.8” x 9.9 in
Galerie von Vertes , Zurich, Switzerland
Jean Dubuffet, Site avec 7 Personnages, 1981
Acrylic on paper mounted canvas, 19.7 “ x 26. 4 in
Keith Haring, Red-Yellow-Blue #20, 1987
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 36.2” x 24 “
Andy Warhol, Details of Renaissance Paintings (Leonardo da Vinci, ‘The Annunciation’, 1472), 1984
Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle paper, Edition of 60 + 15 AP, 32” x 44 in
Galerie Ludorff , Germany
Max Ernst, Soleil June, 1964
Oil on canvas, 25 2/3 “ x 21 in.
Galerie Ludorff, Germany
Josef Albers, Opalescent, 1965
Screenprint on Mohawk Superfine Bristol Paper, Image: 11” x 11 in
Sheet: 12 1/8” x 12 1/8”
Signed, dated and numbered 20/120
Judy Fox, EdenPlant 12, 2019
Terra Cotta, Casein Paint
14 1/2” x 17 1/2” x 4 in
Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York

Jean Dubuffet, Element bleu V, 1967
Transfer on polyester, 65 3/4” x 47 1/4” x 3 7/8 in

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1984
Spray paint on wood, 40 3/4” x 1481/4 in
tagged by LA II in several places
Archeus/Post Modern Gallery
Luis Montoya/Leslie Ortiz, “Seafood Fest I”
Patinated bronze, 79” x 26” x 17 in
Thomas Hart Benton, Going West, 1926
Oil on canvas laid down on board, 20 1/2 “ x 41 1/4 in
Surovek Gallery, Florida
J. Roberto Diego, Magic Carpet, 2019
Wood and metal installation, 360” x 42” x 1 in
Alejandro Monge, Holidays in Malta, 2019
Polychrome polyester resin. 11” x 13.3” x 11.4 in
3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona, Spain

I’ve been following Kim Simonsson’s work for years. Born in Helsinki in 1974, he lives and works in Fiskars, Finland. These are life-sized sculptures of children that appear to be molded in moss.

Sangmin Lee, Porcelain Bowl (Joseon Period), 2019
40” x 39.1 in, Engraved glass and framed
Gallery Tableau

Last year I saw several Korean galleries represent amazing 3 dimensional pieces of engraved glass. It’s hard to capture what they look like in a photo, but they are cool.

Peter Sarkisian, Flowerhater, 2019
gypsum cement, wood, video projection, audio
9.5’ x 14” x 4 in
edition 4 of 10

You are going to have to turn your head sideways to watch the video as this blogging is way harder than it looks! There is a lot of video art, at fairs, but this was one I had not seen before.

Wexler Gallery had a huge booth almost fully dedicated to the work of Roberto Lugo. He’s a hard working artist, teacher, family man and social activist. I’ve been following his work for years, and he’s worth reading up on as I don’t have enough room to write sufficiently about him. Check him and his work out at

Pavel Acosta is a Cuban artist, and all of his paintings are shown with a QR code next to them so that the viewer can see the museum in which the real painting is housed. Each painting begins with “Stolen from…”. While I’m not a fan of copying art in any way, and this was a bit gimmicky for my taste, the process of painting only in white, with dry paint on sheet rock, was clever and caught my eye.

Pablo Picasso
Left: Taureau (Bull), 1955, turned pitcher of white earthenware with decoration in engines and knife engraving, 12 1/2″ x 9 3/4 in
Right: The King, 1953, White earthenware clay turned base with engobes. 15 13/16″ x 5 1/2″ x 8 3/4 in
Masterworks Fine Art
Grayson Perry, Essex, Middlesex, Essex, 1998
Glazed ceramic, 1 3/4′ x 15 1/8′ x 11 3/8 in

These enormous art shows are a great reminder of artists I really love, like Grayson Perry, and whose work I have not seen in a while.

Frank Stella, Coxuria, 1997,
Thirty-nine color screen print on White Lana module made paper
30” x 22 in, Ed. 40/75
Wexler Gallery
Gerard Richter, Ohne Titel, 1984
Watercolor on paper 5” x 7 in

This final piece, much smaller than the Richter work I‘m used to, reminded me of an excellent movie I once saw about his life and working process: Gerhard Richter Painting. I recommend it highly.

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