Meridians at Art Basel in Miami Beach, FL

The Miami Beach Convention Center has been newly renovated, and completed, since last year’s Art Basel. Meridians, curated by Magali Arriola, presented 34 large-scale projects that cannot normally be shown at an art fair. Directly upstairs (via an escalator) from the exhibition hall of Art Basel were large-scale sculptures and paintings, live performances, installations and video projections in about 60,000 square feet of space. This was the first year for Meridians. I hope they continue to do it as it was cool to see work of this scale. Just thinking about the installation of the pieces in the room is mind boggling. Click on the links in green to get more information.

Let’s start with a photo of the incredible carpet they installed in the Grand Ballroom. They did a beautiful job on the renovation.

General Idea, Test Pattern: TV Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavilion, 1988
Porcelain sushi plates: 432 sushi plates in 3 sections, each plate 22.5 x 30 x 15 cm: Overall dimensions 275 x 1,280 cm
Sam Francis, Untitled, 1980
Acrylic on canvas, 310 x 635 cm
Artur Lescher, Machine River, 2008
stainless steel; 680 x 4420 x 243 cm
Samuel Levi Jones, Talk to Me, 2015
Deconstructed law books on canvas: Group of 33 panels, 104 x 97 cm each: Overall dimensions 320 x 1,102 cm
Theaster Gates, Dance of Malaga, 2019
Single-channel video, sound, six wooden stools: Duration 35’4″: edition of 3

I was lucky to see this beautiful video in May, at Theaster Gates’ first solo exhibition in France, at Palais de Tokyo. I was thrilled to see the video again. If you don’t know anything about Theaster Gates you should definitely look him up. I’m a big fan. I’ll circle back and post on the Paris show once I’m done with Miami.

Allan McCollum, Constructed Paintings, 1971-1973
Canvas, lacquer stain, varnish, silicone adhesive, caulking, dye, boat caulking, acrylic paint
dimensions variable
Fred Wilson, Sala Longhi/A Moth of Peace, 2011-2019
Black float glass, antiqued gold painted wood frames, Murano-blown glass
dimensions variable
Manish Nai, Untitled, 2018
Indigo-dyed jute, wood; dimensions variable
Frank Bowling, Africa to Australia, 1971
Acrylic on canvas; 281 x 666 cm
Woody De Othello, Cool Composition, 2019
Bronze, clay, ceramic stools, citrus trees; dimensions variable
Portia Munson, The Garden, 1996
Mixed-media installation; dimensions variable

While we did stop to see the infamous banana (before the crowds descended upon it) at Art Basel, The Garden (at Meridians) created quite a stir in the art world as well. This is a good article to read describing the excitement surrounding The Garden.

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  1. “The Garden” is cool, probably even better in person. But you’d probably have to hire a part-time gardener to tend your “Garden” if you bought it. It looks like it would deteriorate pretty quickly, otherwise.

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