Design Miami in Miami Beach, FL

As the Art Basel fairs have grown, I’ve gotten smarter, and have been staying longer. Even with that, it’s hard to fit everything in. This was my first time attending the Design Miami show, and it was the most beautiful of all of the art fairs. The galleries were obviously carefully selected and the booths were well-curated. Design Miami is not to be missed.

Friedman Benda/New York

This was an installation of 11,000 mounted ceramic pieces.

Galerie VIVID/Rotterdam

Hidden LED lights illuminate these over-scaled lamps. If you stick your head into the blue interior of the pink lamp, it sounds like the ocean.

Jonathan Trayte
Friedman Benda, New York

Rogan Gregory
R & Company, New York

For more on Kim Simonson, have a look at my post from Art Miami.

I have now seen the Mindy Solomon Gallery at several different art fairs and have come to think of Mindy as the master of booth design. Even when you know it’s her booth, somehow it always looks inventive and different. No matter the scale of the art or the space she has to work with, Mindy knows how to present.

I have been to the Hostler Burrows gallery in NYC more times than I can count. They always have a good ceramics show going on. Their aesthetic is dedicated solely to Nordic design and decorative arts. Each time I visit, I learn about a new artist who interests me. They recently opened a second gallery in Los Angeles. In the photo above you can see work by Maren Kloppmann, Donna Green, John Shea, Jasmin Anoschkin and Heidi Riitahuhta. Kristina Riska and Kati Tuominen-Niittyla. Furniture is by Berga Mobler and Paul & Paul.

Roberto Lugo
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia
AGO Projects/Mexico City
ANOTHERVIEW No.18: A Sunday by the Western Wall, 2019
Materials: treated iron, glass, electronic components. Limited edition of 18 + 3 AP + 3 Prototypes

There’s always a lot of video art at the Art Basel fairs. I pass by a lot of it, as it gets repetitive. I liked these two pieces as I had not seen anything like them before. I really like that the video length is 24 hours. Ignore the background noise from the fair.

This is the bar in the Design Miami lounge.

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  1. This is amazing. How long do you usually stay? I want to start attending on the regular. How many years have you been attending?

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