New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) in Miami, FL

I used to stay at the hotel in Miami Beach in which NADA was held. It was easy to walk through multiple times, but the lighting was bad. NADA has always been a favorite show of mine as the art was cool, but the venue never felt right. That hotel was damaged in a hurricane and remains abandoned, and NADA is now housed at Ice Palace Studios. While a bit harder to get to, the venue is fitting for one of the must-see shows during Art Basel. Last year they had 134 exhibitors and approximately 15,000 visitors. They first launched the fair in 2003. I think this was the best year yet.

Jose Sierra
Valerie Louis Lefebvre & Fils, Paris

I have followed this Venezuelan artist (now based in Santa Fe, NM) for a while, and own two very small pieces of his. I always have had to act fast. I had never seen Jose Sierra’s ceramics in such grand scale, and they were glorious. Within the first few hours of the fair, Sierra’s work at NADA sold out. I’m not at all surprised.

Grant Levy-Lucero, Leroy’s Gravy Train, 2019
White Columns, New York
Susumu Kamijo
Pastel on paper
Jack Hanley Gallery, New York
Emma Kohlmann
Watercolor and sumi ink on paper
Jack Hanley Gallery
Florencia Escudero
Kristen Lorello, New York

There were all sorts of creative gallery desks in use at NADA. When I got to this booth, a grown woman was seated, working at this velvet upholstered children’s table. A perfect table with stools for children who only use electronics, perhaps. Food, liquids, art projects, and sticky hands should probably all be avoided.

Glen Baldridge, No Way, 2019
Acrylic on wood panel
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York

While there were several larger pieces on display, I often prefer the small pieces tucked away in a box, or back room, like this one.

Jake Longstreth, Old Gilroy Road, 2019
Oil on canvas
Nino Meier Gallery

Taco Bell. I kind of wanted this painting.

Andre Filipek-Magana, 2019
Chalk paint on epoxy-finished thermoplastic
Magenta Plains, New York
Alan Belcher, Cheezi, 1996
Acrylic plush, polyester fiberfill
Downs & Ross, New York

These paintings are tiny. The measure no greater than 2” in their largest dimension, and mostly smaller. I told the gallery person that they were the smartest shippers of all the art galleries at any show in conjunction with Art Basel. She laughed.

Jane Dickson
Oil on AstroTurf

Oil painting on AstroTurf. Really cool in person.

En Iwamura

Naha Vedpathak, So many starts in the sky, some for me and some for them, 2018
Japanese handmade paper, acrylic paint, thread
Simone DeSousa Gallery

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