A glimpse into quarantine life

Today I reached a milestone on my Peloton bike, 300 rides and 80 strength workouts. The bike has been a godsend while sheltering in place. I went through many instructors until I found the one who has gotten me on the bike at minimum five times a week. I’ve been loyal ever since. Cody Rigsby is motivating, hilarious, opinionated and talks so much that the time goes quickly. He has that way that makes you want to make him proud by working hard, even though I don’t know him, and never ride live.

Last week I did a ride, where Cody reminded us riders that his favorite chip-like food is Cheetos. I of course knew that already. He went on to list them in order of preference, liking the spicy ones best.

I don’t know if you relate life to art like I do, but I immediately thought of a piece of art that he needed to see. Nobody prefers puffy over crunchy Cheetos, which Cody of course mentioned, but they really work well for art. If you have never seen this, you too can thank me later.

Sandy Skoglund, The Cocktail Party, 1992
Live models with furniture and sculpted figures coated with cheese doodles. Floor and wall panels coated with cheese doodles.

Here is a fun video to watch with Sandy Skoglund. Skoglund is a photographer and installation artist known for her surrealist bright images created well before photoshop. I remember seeing them back in the 80s and 90s and being mesmerized by the creations. Read this so you can see more of her wonderful installations.

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