Chitra Ganesh at Durham Press, Bucks County, PA (Quarantine Learning Report)

Admittedly, I have been remiss in sharing what I have been learning and seeing through all of the online classes and studio visits I’ve been taking since March. Along with my own studio practice, I’ve been a full time student. I hope you will enjoy a glimpse into some of what I’ve been seeing the past eight months, with much more learning to come.

Over many years of visiting Art Basel, Miami with my brother and sister-in-law, they have introduced me to a wide variety of art publishers (limited edition prints and multiples) and now have my favorites. Yesterday I watched a live studio tour with Durham Press owners Ann Marshall and Jean-Paul Russell from their gorgeous, Bucks County, PA gallery and studios. They also have a showroom in New York City.

I was familiar with the work of most of the artists with whom Durham Press works. However, when Ann Marshall walked into one of their galleries and showed the wall of 27 linocuts in the image below, I could not believe I had not heard of Brooklyn based artist Chitra Ganesh.

Chitra Ganesh, Sultana’s Dream, 2018
Portfolio of 27 linocuts, 20 1/8″ x 16 1/8 in. BFK Rives Tan, Edition of 35
Durham Press

“Exuberant and challenging, full of sex, abjection, beauty, and dazzling, intricate detail, Chitra Ganesh’s wide-ranging works are focused on the marginalized and excluded figures and narratives in art, history, and literature. Accordingly, and unsurprisingly, women—pin-ups, mothers, priestesses, witches, heroines, warriors, and goddesses—are the protagonists of her works, which include mixed-media drawings, digital collages, photographs, paintings, and installations. With a critical framework shaped by “social theory and contemporary literature from around the world,” as she describes, Ganesh draws influence broadly, borrowing images and themes from diverse sources including Hindu, Greek, and Buddhist mythology, Bollywood posters, and 19th-century European fairy tales. In her works, she presents alternative narratives, in which women possess a dangerous sexuality and are invested with strength and power.” (Artsy)

Chitra Ganesh, Sultana’s Dream: The Condition of Womanhood, 2018
Linocut 20 1/8″ x 16 1/8 in, BFK Rives Tan, Edition of 35
Dunham Press

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