Sanford Biggers in New York, NY

Fully vaccinated, my husband and I flew to New York City for the first time since October of 2019. It was a thrill to get on a plane, travel to a city we both called home for 20 years, and finally get to see dear friends, family, and our daughter. My heart was full, getting to hug and kiss our daughter who we had not seen in person for 18 months.

The night we arrived we had dinner with my husband’s college roommate and his wife. We hadn’t been out to dinner inside a restaurant since February 2020. I was hesitant, but these friends are super cautious and regulars, and the crowd at Amaranth (I highly recommend!) was definitely in the “vaccinated demographic” if you know what I mean.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We walked from the Upper East Side restaurant to Rockefeller Center, where my husband and I both started out our careers at the Time-Life Building. As we walked, we saw this impressive work by Sanford Biggers, the brother of another of my husband’s college friends.

Sanford Biggers, Oracle, 2020
25’ tall
Rockefeller Center

You can read more about Biggers, and Oracle here.

Fasten your seatbelts, as I saw amazing art during my 11 days in New York City. It was absolutely awesome.

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