KAWS at Rockefeller Center in New York, NY

Bronze, paint
18 feet tall
Presentation made possible from Tishman Speyer and Skarstedt

I had to go see the KAWS bronze at Rockefeller Center, before it gets taken down tomorrow. I spent my twenties walking by Rockefeller Center as I worked nearby. I loved watching the ice skaters on the rink during my lunch break.

In May I saw the Sanford Biggers sculpture at Rockefeller Center, and was excited to see the replacement. If you missed my blog post on the KAWS: What Party exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, you can read it here.

“Right outside 30 Rock, an 18-foot-tall bronze sculpture by renowned street artist KAWS stands alone. The sculpture, titled “SHARE,” is actually two pieces in one – “COMPANION” AND “BFF” – and is meant to convey emotions many of us have been feeling these days…”

“The sculpture, like many of us, seems to be seeking the comfort and care of friends and family, we are all desperate to undergo a sense of repair.” (Timeout.com)

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