SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York, NY

I’m planning on spending a lot more time in New York City as my kids all live in the vicinity. Fortunately the timing of this visit coincided with the Armory Arts Week which I’ll be attending over the next few days.

Last night I went to the SPRING/BREAK Art Show which took over two empty floors in what once was Ralph Lauren’s office space on Madison Avenue. I got into the elevator and another woman told the young man standing next to me “I like your bustier”. How I love New York. I have also missed being at art fairs and with groups of people. His cherub embroidered bustier, and entire outfit, was quite spectacular.

“The exhibition, titled HEARSAY:HERESY, enlists more than 120 projects with over 800 artworks that toil with the dichotomous elements of consumerism, climate change, capitalism and the art market itself. Under themes ranging from mysticism to social media’s modern-day prowess, curators have also chosen to center their work around specific subcategories, which include Medieval formalism, art-heretical practices and artisanship as art practice.

SPRING/BREAK will take over two floors of the midtown highrise, where curators will transform standard office spaces, or “booths,” into their respective exhibitions. (Hypebeast.com)

Slicing ham in action
Jeff Bliumis, Bruxelles Mussels Eaters, 2020
Oil on linen
53” x 53 in
Curated by Filipino Fossati

The curators arranged each office differently, in order to work best with the art being shown. For many, it was easy to peek in and walk by, while others drew me in completely. Laisun Keane’s exhibition, Phantasmagoria, featuring the work of Michael C. Thorpe and Mary Tooley Parker, was one that really captured my attention.

Mary Tooley Parker, Ste. Kamala, 2021
Fiber hooked tapestry
16” x 15 in
Curated by Laisun Keane
Michael C. Thorpe, Last Night (At Your Mom’s House), 2021
Fabric, thread, and quilting cotton
72” x 72 in
Curated by Laisun Keane

I realized after leaving the show that I had mostly been drawn to the fiber and textile work. Perhaps the most amazing was a series (and other work) by Haley Wood. “Woad is a twelve-page hand-tufted story, (Wood’s) senior thesis body of work at MassArt. Influenced by (Wood’s) Omi and her experience with dementia, the story follows woad-dyer Elisabet and her Ancestor.” (Haley-wood.com)

Haley Wood, WOAD Page 9, 2021
Acrylic yarn, hand-tufted
38” x 30 in
Curated by Abigail Ogilvy Gallery
Haley Wood, WOAD Page 4, 2021
Acrylic yarn, hand-tufted
38” x 30 in
Curated by Abigail Ogilvy Gallery
Haley Wood, WOAD Front Cover, 2021
Acrylic yarn, hand-tufted
38” x 30 in
Curated by Abigail Ogilvy Gallery
James Hsieh, There’s No Place I’d Rather Be, 2021
23.5” x 18: x 1.3 in
Curated by Wesley Wei-Chia Sin
James Hsieh, Harvest, 2021
Mixed media
53” x 35” x 2 in
Curated by Wesley Wei-Chia Sin
Ani Hoover
Plastic found and repurposed doll arms
Curated by The Raft of Sanity

There was a lot going on at this show, and sometimes I just preferred the props. Where can one get these wonderful pool floats?!

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