Pamela Council in New York, NY

Today I took the subway up to Times Square to see an installation my friend Mariko Paterson had told me to go check out. She is stuck in Nova Scotia, but always has great NYC suggestions.

Times Square’s first fountain, commissioned by Times Square Arts, is covered in 400,000 acrylic nails.

“The unusual monument is the work of artist Pamela Council, who is building their largest ever “Fountains for Black Joy” sculpture in New York City. The monumental structure will measure 18 feet tall and be enclosed within a grotto-like carapace covered in close to 400,000 colorful acrylic finger nails, a key material in the artist’s practice for the last 13 years.” (Artnet)

Unfortunately the fountain was closed today for maintenance. I’ll stop by again if I’m near Times Square again.

That’s a LOT of acrylic nails. Thanks, Mariko!

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