Alake Shilling in New York, NY

Jeffrey Deitch has two galleries in NYC, and the current shows are fun! Alake Shilling: The Hippest Trip in America – By Land, Air and Sea is at the Grand Street location.

Storefront gallery with seven sculptures.

I went the day as they were just opening. A gallery employee was doing last minute touch up work, gluing purple carpet fibers onto the super fantastic displays in the storefront gallery.

Alake Shilling, Chocolate Bunny Loves Everyone, 2021
Glazed ceramic and enamel paint
22.5” x 15” x 15 in
Alake Shilling, Baby Bear Loves Alake, 2021
Glazed ceramic and enamel paint
11.5” x 8” x 9 in
Alake Shilling, Little Frog Loves Alake, 2021
Glazed ceramic and enamel paint
12” x 12” x 12.5 in
Alake Shilling, Mister Spitz, 2021
Glazed ceramic and enamel paint
18” x 24” x 35 in
The main Grand Street gallery has seven paintings

“The paintings are created with unusual materials, crumbled styrofoam, nail polish and glitter enhance the oil paint. In some of the paintings, the materials pour over the edge. In Shilling’s imagination, the sculptures portray “the characters you meet along the way in The Hippest Trip.” She takes familiar images and objects and “makes them magical.” Alake Shilling does not just make paintings and sculptures: she creates her own artistic world.” (Jeffrey Deitch)

Alake Shilling, The End of the Road…Only God Knows Where We’ll Go, 2021 Oil, Flashe, glitter, polygel, confetti, rhinestones, and
acrylic sculpting powder on canvas
60” x 68” x 1.5 in
Alake Shilling, Buggy Bear on a Star Studded Beach Adventure, 2021
Oil paint, glitter, sand, styrofoam balls and salt on canvas
60” x 72” x 2.5 in

My husband went to this show with me, and we both were reminded of the Wuv Luvs that were “hot” back in the 90s. I admit to having never gotten rid of the one my kids had. It’s in the bottom corner of our front hall closet with another one of our more strange stuffed animals, because together they make me laugh. One of my kids, whose name will not be mentioned, thinks this pairing is really freaky.

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