Nick Cave in New York, NY

I’ve been really enjoying my exploration of the MTA Arts and Design installations in the New York City Subway stations. Each year the MTA commissions a handful of artists to create work for their own subway station. I’ve loved (and posted on) stations by Katherine Bradford, Nancy Blum and Sol LeWitt. Still, the newly unveiled installation by Nick Cave is the most ambitious in the program by far. I’m not as crazy about Cave’s other work as some people are, but it was great to see it so big and bold in this setting. His work translates into mosaics incredibly well, and this installation is awesome.

As part of a campaign to encourage riders to ride the subway post COVID lockdown, Cave’s mosaic installation, “Every One” is the first of a three part installation in the passageway that connects the Times Square and Bryant Park subway stations (B, D, F and M trains). There are more than 24 mosaic, and 11 digital screens. “Each One” and “Equal All” will be completed in 2022. This New York Times article explains the project.

“As you’re walking and passing through, it is moving along with you,” Cave said. “My idea … was that it operated the same way in which the people were moving through the space.” (Reuters)

“The new artwork covers 3,200 square feet and includes more than two dozen Soundsuits. When completed, the three installations will cover 4,600 square feet and will extend from the Times Square to Grand Central subway stations.” (Reuters)

“It will be Cave’s largest, permanent public art and the largest mosaic project in the NYC transit system, according to the MTA.” (Reuters)

As a new Nick Cave mosaic fan, I look forward to seeing the next two parts as they get installed, and open in 2022.

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