Claude Conover in New York, NY

My friend Kathleen came into the city on Tuesday, as we like nothing more than enjoying an afternoon together looking at art, shopping for whoever needs something (neither of us are shoppers, and it’s just more fun to do together) and ending the evening with drinks and dinner. We met at the High Line Nine gallery space as there was a one week Wright auction preview for work by Claude Conover. I had not heard of Conover (1907-1994) until recently, but knew from images I had seen that I needed to see his work in person. We both loved the preview, and the woman from Wright could not have been nicer.

Born in Pittsburgh, he was educated at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Conover worked as a commercial designer for over 30 years before turning full-time to ceramics, which was all self-taught. His pieces shown in this exhibition were all glazed stoneware with engobe decoration.

I liked reading this to learn a bit more about Conover, and enjoyed this video clip even more.

Rare Sculpture, 1965
21” x 20 1/2 “ x 21 in
Rare Oltah vessel, 1977
19” x 15” x 15 in

Today was the actual auction, and I enjoyed seeing what the work went for. I sent the listing to Kathleen, and she of course noticed that my favorite piece sold for the highest price. It’s interesting to read through the entire listing to see how the prices of his work have increased since 2000.

Nahuati vessel, 1970
9” x 13 1/2 “ x 9 in

I am including only a few images as, in full transparency, I don’t show you everything. As a ceramic artist myself, I found myself totally inspired by this show. I can’t wait to receive the catalogue, which I pre-ordered, which is full of wonderful information on Conover.

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  1. It was a thrill to be introduced to Conover’s work and his story. His pieces have a lightness to them, as if inflated. Loved seeing the show with you.

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