Adrianne Rubenstein in New York, NY

I enjoyed stopping by to see Adrianne Rubenstein’s exhibition Global Warmth and Global Cooling at Broadway gallery.

“The paintings….are full of flowers, stars and food — from otherworldly broccoli to a flat red apple that could have been lifted from Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” There’s also a ruby-red goldfish borrowed from Matisse and several references to Mollie Katzen, the cookbook author and artist. But loose brushwork and a gorgeous palette of sugary pastels that ease the way into deeper blacks and indigos mean that the pieces almost work as abstractions, too — pure expressions of art-historically inflected painterly innocence”. (Will Heinrich/ The New York Times)

Broccoli Shadows, 2021
Oil on panel
Lighthouse, 2021
Oil on panel

Canadian (born in 1983), but lives and works in New York City, Rubenstein is one to keep your eyes on. The show closes on November 20th.

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