The Loneliest Sport in New York, NY

The Loneliest Sport group exhibition at Spazio Amanita gallery in Soho has 23 works that exclusively concern the sport of boxing. The gallery opening had live sparing matches. I’m personally not into boxing, but I thought the whole set up was just great.

Pierre Knop, Boxerettes, 2021
Oil, ink, crayon, oil pastel and acrylic on canvas

I was thrilled to see a work by Pierre Knop, an artist I’ve been keeping my eye on the past several months. No matter the subject matter, it’s easy to tell it is his work.

Marco Scarpi, Sweet Science (NYC Sunrise), 2021
Acrylic and marble dust on canvas
Eva Beresin, Mercy of forces you can’t control it, 2021
Oil on canvas

A hip looking guy walked into the gallery while I was there, and I could tell he was totally smitten with the boxing ring. He finally asked the friendlier than normal gallery worker if he could stand in it. It was fun to watch him pretend to be a boxer. Wish I could send him the photos I took unbeknownst to him.

2 thoughts on “The Loneliest Sport in New York, NY

  1. Hi! On a hunch thinking it was me, my friend sent your post my way. She was dead on(a keen artist herself)! At first I was confused thinking the pics were sent from my phone! I remember you walking behind me for a moment, but I didn’t know that you were taking pics of me. Honestly, I’m shocked that my friend found this and could make your wish come true.

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