Peep Show in New York, NY

I hightailed it uptown yesterday morning to the new Ruby Neri show at Salon 94. It was phenomenal, and I’ll post after my second visit next week. It needs at least two. I might just be Ruby Neri fan #1.

In the meantime, as I try to post as quickly as I can, while continuing to see more art, I’ll share this fun exhibition, Peep Show, at Anton Kern’s WINDOW gallery on the corner of Walker and Lafayette in Tribeca. I love a good window exhibition. They are open 24/7 which in this current art viewing world means no reservations, tickets, or vaccine cards required! My draw was to see the Ruby Neri piece.

Ruby Neri

The downside of a window gallery is that it is hard to photograph though the glass. If you’d like to see all the images from the exhibition, as there were some other interesting pieces, click here.

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