“Informal Get Together” in New York, NY

I was on a quick NYC visit getting my youngest off for his senior year of college, and walked up to Chelsea to see a show I really needed to see before it closed. I have seen so many good shows at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, and was thrilled there was a show featuring work by Jessica Stockholder and Arlene Shechet. If you read my blog, you know I follow Shechet religiously, but I may not have told you how much I like Stockholder. I’ve always found her work interesting, but came to love her after going to her house for a small event during my daughter’s college graduation weekend seven years ago. Her house was cool, and of course full of good art. She could not have been nicer.

“Taking its title from the 2014 sculpture by Jessica Stockholder, Informal Get Together highlights Shechet and Stockholder’s painterly approach to sculpture alongside Greenbaum and Ferris’s three-dimensional and structural approach to painting.” (Mitchell-Innes & Nash). You can read more here.

Jessica Stockholder, Informal Get Together, 2014
Aluminum tube, yellow webbing, pink plastic and fabric parts, baskets, 5 IKEA lamps, small rug , power bar and acrylic paint
Painting: Joanne Greenbaum, Cinopia, 2003
Oil and flashe on canvas
Gallery view
Jessica Stockholder, (JS 512), 2010
Purple Plexiglass, purple extension cord, purple plastic bucket fragment, plastic shower curtain, cloth, leaning gold table, white plastic parts, tin can top, gold string, wire, Prismacolor pencil on paper, oil paint, rope, handle, metal flushing, push pins and blue duct tape
Jessica Stockholder, Lack, 1992
Westphalian basket, linen yarn, acrylic paint, metal cable and tree section with bark on edges
Arlene Shechet, Tell All, 2021
Glazed ceramic and painted steel
Arlene Shechet, Show Off, 2018
Glazed ceramic, resin, paint and wood

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