“Stuff” in New York, NY

After running quickly to see “Informal Get Together” at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, I walked one block south and ran into Pace Gallery to see STUFF, a group exhibition of 50 artists organized by Arlene Shechet. Below are some highlights.

Peter Hujar, Fran Lebowitz (at home in Morristown), 1974
Pigmented ink print
Jean Arp, L’ami du petit doigt, 1963
Nicole Eisenman, Sunday Night Dinner, 2009
Oil on canvas
Dike Blair, Untitled, 2012
Gouache on paper

The groupings and display were really lovely.

The two oil on linen paintings with numbers are by Alfred Jensen from 1976
Huma Bhabha, 2021
Left: Hollow Triumph
Painted bronze.

Right: Shadow Gang
Painted bronze
Marta, Untitled, 1993-4
Oil on canvas
Kiki Smith, Untitled (Paper Body), 1989
Gampi paper and methyl cellulose

Claes Oldenburg, Ghost Fan, 1967
Stuffed canvas with spray paint, pins, hook and wire
Forrest Bess, 1946
Left to right: The Asteroids #1, The Asteroids #2, The Asteroids #3, The Asteroids #4
Oil on canvas and framed typewritten “Dream”

I adored the black and white backdrop for this show.

Clockwise: Donald Judd, Untitled, c. 1971
Roy McMakin, A Drawing of Two teapots, 2013 Graphite on paper
Roy McMakin, Three Small Containers with Lids, 2012 Graphite on paper Richard Tuttle, TBD 7, 1976 Fence wire, paint
Stanley Whitney, Untitled, 2016 Oil on canvas
Judith Linhares, Lady of the Lake, 2022 Oil on linen
Betsy Kaufman, 5- Sided Pillow, 2020 Wool, cashmere, velvet
and needlepoint canvas
Joseph Beuys, Noiseless Blackboard Eraser, 1974
Felt blackboard eraser
Barry Le Va, Sculptured Activities, 1988-89
Oil, graphite, spray paint and paper collage on paper
Fred Sandback, Untitled, 1974
Red acrylic yarn, untwisted, four strands

Seeing the Sandback piece reminded me of the amazing Sandback installation at DIA Beacon. I need to post about a glorious day I had there with my daughter this past Spring. So much art, so little time to keep you, my dear readers, updated!

Tony Smith, Equinox, 1968
Steel, oiled finish
John Chamberlain, Untitled #4, 1966
Urethane foam and cord
Top row left:
Mickalene Thomas, Interior: Blue Couch and Chair with Flowers, 2017
Color photograph and paper collage on archival board

Top row right:
Mickalene Thomas, Interior: Yellow Green and Blue Couch, 2017
Color photograph and paper collage on archival board

Bottom: Dike Blair, Untitled, 2018 Oil on aluminum
Thomas Nozkowski, Untitled (2-117), 1974
Oil on canvas board
Lynda Benglis, Bikini Incandescent Column, 2002
Paper, wire, electric bulbs, bronze basin, water, fresh flowers
Alfonso Ossorio, Bowl and Club, 1971
Mixed media

In case you are in the Hamptons, there is a great looking show with Arlene Shechet and Lynda Benglis. It was open for a short time, closing on the 28th. Let me know if you see it!

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