Vince Palacios at Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume in New York

Vince Palacios’ show Haptic Memory is currently on view at Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume, a collective design gallery in New York City.

The gallery is in a gorgeous two story apartment in The Steinway Building right on 57th Street. The building has the old NYC elegance that I personally adore. The mixture of furniture and art in the gallery, as well as amazing light, was an ideal setting for Vince’s work. Although a showroom, I could have moved right in without changing a thing. It was perfect. The gallery is by appointment only.

I could write extensively about everything in the gallery, but I’ll save that for another time. I’ll focus on images of Vince’s work and add a bit about some of my gallery favorites.

“Vince Palacios has been working in the field of ceramic art since 1988. Palacios received his Masters of Ceramic Art from Alfred University and his BFA in ceramics at California State University at Long Beach. He now serves as Professor of the Ceramics Department at El Camino College in Torrance California. He came to El Camino College in 2011 after teaching for six years at Western Illinois University and ten years before that at California State University, Long Beach. He has shown his work nationally and internationally and is included in a number of important private collections as well as prominent museum collections. Palacios continues to exhibit his work and has developed a unique approach to the use of raw glass and ceramic materials as a means of crafting intricate narratives addressing geological process, pyroclastic interaction, and heat/chemical reactions. “ (LaiSun Keane)

Gonzalo Lebrija, Veladura Nocturna (Blazar), 2019
Oil on linen
74.80” x 59.06”

There is so much to enjoy in the dining area. I’m quite thrilled to learn about Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija whose work I had not seen before. There is another painting upstairs, but I love the one here.

Pia Manu, Coffee table, 1970s signed
Metal, natural stone and pewter marquetry
12.8” x 72” x 26.8 in

I liked so much of the furniture and art, but this table by Pia Manu was a particular favorite of mine. It is extraordinary in person.

Cave Vessel: Green Malachite, 2022
Clay, slip, glaze, various flux, multiple firings
17.5” x 19” x 17 in

Possibly my favorite of the pieces, Green Malachite is even more spectacular in person.

I pay close attention to Vince’s work, and the holes on the sides are new to me. I really like them.

Some of the gorgeous glazes and textures Vince creates. I never use the word delicious to describe art, but if I were to, this would be the time.

Isn’t this arrangement amazing? All fabulous, but as I adore resin, I particularly like the bookshelf by Georges Mohasseb. While I’d prefer to move right into this space, the bookshelf would look perfect in my much smaller apartment.

Part of the large lobby area of the building.

What a treat this show was. I knew I had to see Vince’s show in NYC, and now I have a new favorite gallery space to keep a very close eye on.

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  1. The glaze and texture on Vince’s work are fabulous. Such thought and detail. Thank you for bring him and his work to my attention. Wow just Wow!

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