Elizabeth Neel, Susumu Kamijo and Ginny Sims in New York, NY

I was walking between art shows on Avenue A in the East Village and passed an art book shop, Mast Books, that I adore. I immediately recognized the Susumu Kamijo painting in the window, and then spotted an Elizabeth Neel painting in the back. I was intrigued though with the small ceramic figures scattered throughout the bookstore. One had to be Alice Neel, (who is Elizabeth Neel’s grandmother)!

The bookstore person told me that the clay figures were by artist Ginny Sims, and had been created based on Alice Neel paintings. I am as you might know a huge Alice Neel fan. What a fun show!

Pattern of Hand, presented by Mast Books was a three artist exhibition of work by Susumu Kamijo (b. 1975, Nagano, Japan), Elizabeth Neel (b. 1975, Stowe, Vermont), who I had blogged about after her show at Salon 94, and Ginny Sims (b. 1977, Little Rock, Arkansas).

Ginny Sims, Pregnant Julie, 2022
Stoneware, underglazes, oxides
5.75” x 12.25” x 7.5 in

Because I’m who I am, I did go and find Alice Neel’s paintings that perhaps Sims was influenced by. Under each image I’ve attached a link .

Elizabeth Neel, World As We Know It, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
20” x 127 in

“Artists create a unique pattern through the combination of their thoughts, energy and mediums. Patterns grow by the weaving of their creations. Stories of their way of seeing broadcast through individual methods of invention. Each page of the process is physically authored thought to hand – pigment to canvas, fingers in clay and pastel to paper. The field of their pattern entwines piece by piece reflecting their inner story outwards to you.” (Mast Books)

Ginny Sims, Self-Portrait 1980 (Alice Neel), 2022
Stoneware, underglazes, oxides
9” x 6” x 7 in
Susumu Kamijo, Holy Solitude, 2022
Oil pastel, pastel pencil and charcoal on paper
20” x 16.5 in
Ginny Sims, Jackie Curtis, 2022
Stoneware, underglazes, oxides
10.5” x 5” x 7 in
Ginny Sims, Faith Ringgold, 2022
Stoneware, underglazes, oxides
7.5” x 4.5” x 5.25 in
A few more in the window

And Ginny Sim’s own self-portrait

Ginny Sims, Ginny in Striped Shirt, 2022
Stoneware, underglazes, oxides
10” x 6” x 4 in

I could have stayed in this bookstore for hours. Not only was the art great, but the book selection is really wonderful. I particularly liked a Sheila Hicks book. With the holidays just around the corner, I asked my husband, who was with me this morning of art gallery hopping, to buy it and save it to give to me. Lucky for him his day was only two more shows away from going home, so he carried the book and let’s hope he remembers to give it to me next month!

Not only was it nice to have company going to shows I had wanted to see, and carry the heavy book, but we stopped for lunch, which I never do alone. I highly recommend Yellow Rose.

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