Mona Kowalska in New York, NY

My Little Pony Inside, 2020
Wool, plastic, cotton

Kerry Schuss is a small gallery that always shows interesting artists. One of my favorite shows in 2021, Alice Mackler, was at the gallery. This time, I went to see Mona Kowalska’s show Mignolo. It was clever and so different than what I have been seeing lately, that it really made me smile.

Untitled, 2022
Mohair, excelsior, wood, metal
Untitled, 2021
Mohair, excelsior

“Born in Warsaw, Mona Kowalska emigrated to Baltimore with her mother at the age of 9. After receiving her BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago, she returned to Europe, spending the next decade in Florence and Paris honing her skills as a fashion designer. In 1998, and now in New York City, she began designing under her own label – A Détacher. In 2019, she turned to art making. She lives and works in New York City.” (Kerry Schuss)

Kowalska’s work made so much sense to me after reading that she was a fashion designer. I knew A Détacher, and as per norm was so envious of what Kowalska has accomplished in her life. I was excited to tell my daughter about the show, and that the artist had gone to her alma mater.

As I was leaving the gallery, the friendly gallery attendant came out and asked “are you Theo’s mom?” I sign gallery guestbooks @womanseekingart, and he probably wondered who was taking so many photos. Turns out he is a neighbor, and good friend of my daughter, who knew about my blog. I was so happy to meet Ryan!

Mignolo is up through December 17th.

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