Group show at Jason Jacques Gallery in New York, NY

It is rare for me, but I liked something about every piece in the beautifully curated group show, POLLEN ON A WEST WIND, at Jason Jacques Gallery in Chelsea. The show was curated by the talented Tony Marsh, and he knows his ceramics.

I’m sorry to learn the gallery will be closing it’s Chelsea location at the end of the month, yet secretly hoping they will open a space in Tribeca. Come on downtown, Jason Jacques Gallery!

Fruit is by Ryan Flores
Left to right: Bryan Burk, Anna Sew Hoy (wall piece),
Roger Herman and Chris Miles

I’ve long adored Roger Herman’s painterly ceramic work and was thrilled to see pieces of his in the show.

Roger Herman
Front left: Amy Bessone
Yellow piece in back is a different view of piece above: Roger Herman
Another view of Roger Herman’s piece. Each angle is spectacular.
Left to right: Tony Marsh and Tam Van Tran
Anna Sew Hoy
Raven Halfmoon
Milena Muzquiz

I mostly look at art by myself, and group shows are extra fun for me. I try to see what artists I can identify without looking at the list. I was quite impressed with myself at this exhibition if I have to say so myself. One of only a few artist’s work I did not know was Milena Muzquiz. I’m glad I now know her work, as it is gorgeous.

Left to right: Tony Marsh, Jeffry Mitchell, Alessandro Pessoli (in back)
Chris Miller
Jessica Hutchins
Nicki Green

As mentioned in my recent posts, in an effort to share more of what I’m seeing, I’m giving more limited information. If you want more details on any of the work in the show, you can contact me directly. I have the entire list of artists, sizes and prices. If you are interested in purchasing work, you can contact the wonderful gallery manager, Grace, and I’m sure she’d be happy to help you.

If you are currently in New York City, run over to the gallery. The exhibition closes March 25, 2023.

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