Viola Frey in New York, NY

The first blog post I did as Woman Seeking Art was the Viola Frey career retrospective show at the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art in Sonoma, CA. Ever since, I always share images of any of Frey’s work I see, and believe I’ve made some of you fans along the way. Her work is immediately recognizable, and I haven’t met a piece of hers I haven’t liked.

Viola Frey is part of my imaginary friend group which includes, among others, Betty Woodman and Beatrice Wood. When I see their work I feel like I’ve run into a dear friend. Call me crazy.

Viola Frey: Faces, Masks and Figurines at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery was fantastic. I had a nice long conversation with a lovely man working at the gallery whose name I am forgetting. Frey fans cannot talk enough about her, and I was glad to meet someone so knowledgeable about the work.

World Civilization Bench, 2003
18” x 74” x 66 in

I was excited beyond belief to see the World Civilization Bench. I took photos from every angle, walked around it probably 50 times. I truly found it hard to leave.

Another angle
And another
Every angle!
Artist Studio Series, Diptych #1, 1991
Pastel on paper
44” x 60 in
World Civilization #1, 1987
66” x 28” x 17 in

The ceramic plates below are from 1979-1998. Ask me for specific names and dates on anything!

Artist’s Mind/Studio/World: Man in Blue Suit in Circle, 1988
Pastel on paper
91” x 63 in
Untitled (Studio View: Man in Brown Suit Leaving Room), 1984
Oil on canvas
54” x 48 in
Fighting Men Series Drawing 1, 1993
Pastel on paper
43 3/4” x 29 3/4 in
The Discussion I, 1994
Pastel on paper
44” x 60 in

Are you ready to join the Viola Frey fan club yet?

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  1. I am so ready! Thank you for letting me vicariously ride along on your travels. This is the most I’ve ever seen of her work. I’ve just seen a single piece here and there. Must have been a lot of fun to be in that room for a while.

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