Jake Clark in New York, NY

Jake Clark: Canal Street at albertz benda was definitely worth a visit. His ceramic work is immediately recognizable to anyone who knows ceramics, and it always makes me smile.

All the pieces are glazed earthenware, from 2022.

“Canal Street offers a fresh look at New York from the perspective of a native Australian as Clark retraces the fabric of the city’s cultural and epicurean landscape through whimsical, handcrafted sculptures and ceramic objects. In Carbone Veal Parm, for example, he features the crowd-favorite dish at this renowned NYC eatery, complete with the likeness of the restaurant’s plates painted on the inner rim of the vessel.

Clark’s handwrought sculptures harken back to his visits to the city and the many mementos he brought with him on his return home. Bold, colorful, and eccentric, this exhibition highlights the nostalgia associated with keepsakes and how they become part of our personal history.” (albertz benda)

The New York theme was fun, and I was impressed that this Australian ceramic artist, who recently relocated to NYC, already knows some of my favorite restaurants. This was Clark’s last body of work produced in his Melbourne studio before relocating.

His key chains and snow globe were a nice addition to the show.

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